My Name is Buttons

"A splash of comic genius."                                              -Film Threat

"The tremendously funny film parodies Patch Adams and Forrest Gump, skewers shiny, happy psychiatric trends and the trigger-happy pharmaceutical industry, lobs rounds at its hero's left-wing conspiracy theories, and features a beyond-the-grave, blue-hued cameo by a dead lab rat."    

                                                                                        -Austin Chronicle

When perpetually disgruntled twenty-something Hunter Reeves is fired from a chain bookstore, his best chance at regaining some semblance of financial security is by offering himself to Pharmakhem, which, despite being exactly the type of pharmaceutical conglomerate Hunter is prone to despise, is paying good money for human test subjects. Along with his fellow unemployed friends Nicki and Greg, Hunter agrees to set aside his most recent Noam Chomsky book and swallow an experimental anti-depressant. Unlike Prozac, however, this drug doesn't encourage proper brain chemistry as much as it induces stupidity. Ignorance really is bliss for Hunter; while he finds himself increasingly unconcerned with the state of the world, he's also becoming progressively dumber.

Starring John Merriman, Lowell Bartholomee, Jennifer Bryan, Courtney Davis, T'chaka Sikelianos, Don Cass, and Paul Theron

Written and directed by John Merriman and Courtney Davis

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